Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday at the Lake Because the weather was beautiful, we spent all the Sunday at the Lack of Vancenne. We rented a boat and spent the day in a pure relaxation. It was great , good mood and of course the attraction of the evening was ice cream. now the only thing left is to show you the pictures
Pentru ca vremea a fost frumoasa, am petrecut toata dumineca la lacul de la Vancenne .Am inchiriat o barcuta si am petrecut ziua intr-o pura relaxare. A fost minunat, multa voie buna si binenteles atractia serii a fost inghetata.Acum nu ramane decat sa va arat pozele.
  • Short Pants Black Jennyfer
  • White Blouse H&M
  • Chanel Necklace
  • Bag Clairr`s

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lara said...

Love your nacklage Chanel :X:X